Rockaway holds a very special place in my heart, and I wanted to capture the experiences and relive them through this video. It's my love for disposable cameras that provided the spark to create this.


Washington Square Park is a place where memories are made, and I can't wait to share this unforgettable journey with you. Join me as we explore the vibrant energy, rich history, and unforgettable moments that make this iconic park in the heart of New York City truly unique.


Over my last five years living in New York, Fall is always a very introspective time for me. I made it a tradition to go to the Upper East Side to check out The MET and of course Central Park every time the leaves begin to change. Join me as I explore its undeniable beauty and charm this neighborhood has to offer!


I came to New York alone from the Philippines six years ago and never left since. Liberty welcomed me warmly, something I've never felt before. Moving alone was a big choice, but it came with sacrifices. This film is a love letter to my journey, hoping to inspire others to take risks and chase their dreams.


After six long years away, I finally returned home in the Philippines! Join me on this emotional journey as I rediscover my town, Sta. Cruz, and the familiar faces and places that shaped my past. From the beautiful mountains and breathtaking beaches to the humble living of the people in the province, I realized how much has changed and yet how some things remained unchanged at the same time.


New York on Film, is a series of short films where I take you on my journey of living alone in the city. Experience the beauty of the city as I explore its corners, sharing moments of connection and discovery in the places that hold a special meaning to me.